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Document Destruction Services

Solutions for long-overdue purges of files and records that are gathering dust while taking up valuable office and storage space.

Are outdated files and old records piling up around you?


Facility Services

We support facilities with services that are custom to you, with details built into a service plan around your company’s unique needs.

There is no need to remove staples, clips, rubber bands, binders, etc.

The high speed of our process saves time and money. In minutes, we can process what takes days with a time-consuming office shredder.

All you have to do is show us what you want removed and we can handle the rest.

As with any service we do, a certificate will be issued to you stating the date of service, the client’s name and the amount of material destroyed.

This service is done by appointment. Book today. 

Office Services

Regular service keeps obsolete material from becoming a problem.

Keeps confidential papers from building up and becoming subject to misuse.

Document Destruction Services can provide a service that is unique and cost-effective. DDS has different sizes and types of security containers that are provided with monthly service.

These containers are best placed where paper is being generated, such as a copy room or in a central location in the office. All containers furnished are locking and protect your material until it is time for destruction. Our employee replaces the container with an empty container (or new liner) and shreds on-site with our mobile shredding truck. 

We can pick up material on a schedule that meets your requirements. From daily to quarterly service and from one container to dozens, we can come to you and give you options and suggestions on how to make this service work for your office.

Certificates are issued for all services performed. All materials will be recycled.

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